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Guns. Guns, guns, they seem to be everywhere and nowhere when you need one. In the United States we have a love affair with our firearms. It is a connection that is like peanut and jelly and that is classic. When you talk about America it is all fast food and football. The main point of course is guns and shotguns to be exact. These long range powerful pistol punches animals at distances that are far. The key to gun ownership is gun education because when you know what you’re doing you are more prone to be careful about it. What do all anti-gun activists shout? Gun safety and gun control. This to me seems simple. When you take a class on something and know how it works you can better apply it to real life. This is the same with medicine and art as well as guns. We all have to be a bit more motivated to get to where we are going.


The problem I see in America is this lack of gun education. Much like sex education, the lack of either leads to misinformation and kids doing things because they think it’s cool. This is by far the most irresponsible reason to do anything. It is okay to be immature but when it comes to guns it is a bad idea. Violence is a necessary evil but

only in small amounts. I like my firearms mainly because I use them as a sense of defense and also for hunting. I like to hunt for fun but even though it is fun I still hunt for food. Wasting a life is not something I am into so you know I don’t do that. You can have a symbiotic relationship with nature and animals even if you are a hunter. There is no doubt the animals lived there first but let’s be honest we humans are the top of the food chain especially when we are armed with a shotgun. For info on everything guns check out Gunivore.

Most people are pretty shocked when they hear I hunt. I am pretty much a pacifist. People tend to equate one with the other. I feel life is a bit more complex than that and therefore it makes perfect sense that I hunt and yet am anti-violence. It is all about how you feel about it and view it. Perspective is reality whether you like it or not. I didn’t always like guns or shotguns but I spent some time on a Indian reservation where hunting was one of the main ways they got food. They taught me that even though you are taking a life if you have the proper motivation and appreciation it can be a positive moment. Ever since then I have been trying to cultivate that mindset and try to enlighten people to this wave of thinking. Gun control is something we need to strive for but it has to be done with no corruption. That is usually what keeps change from happening, corruption, but hey we are doing the best we can.

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