Protecting Your Home From Wildfires

Is it important to investigate whether a neighborhood is prone to wildfire before you buy a home there? It’s imperative that you investigate all potential dangers and risks in the area of your potential home. Find out if the neighborhood is prone to wildfire, and if so, find out what kind of risks are really at play and what kind of precautions you could take. Do your due diligence before determining whether or not this is a deal-breaker. Speak to neighbors and local fire departments. Look up historical records of the area, facts and history of the neighborhood on Google. Do whatever you can. It’s your potential future home, and no stone should be left un-turned when you’re attempting to determine whether or not it is safe. It’s important to make sure you have adequate homeowners insurance because you always want to be covered in the event of a worst-case scenario.

Find out which insurance agencies cover your neighborhood in the event of a fire and select a plan that covers your home and all of its content. Creating a defensible space is one of the most important things you can do as a homeowner who lives in a fire-prone area. You do this through a number of different steps, but primarily by making sure that flammable and dangerous materials are as far away from the perimeter of your home as possible. This means that, – Combustible outdoor furniture, – Tall grass, – Firewood, – Fire-prone plants, – Fallen leaves, – Gasoline tanks, ….and similar objects shouldn’t be around your home’s perimeter.

Trim your grass to a 4-inch maximum height, create space between shrubbery and plants, and create a concrete or otherwise non-flammable walkway around the immediate perimeter of your home. It’s important to create a wildfire evacuation plan because when disaster strikes, “winging it” isn’t good enough. You need a plan where each family member knows exactly what they should do in the event of a wildfire. This ensures that the family is taking safe measures and steps towards avoiding danger. There are a number of steps to take before evacuation to ensure a safe escape. This includes: – Shutting and unlocking windows, doors and entryways, – Removing flammable objects or relocating them away from windows and entrances, – Shutting off the house gas, – Leaving all lights on, –  and Turning off the A/C. Once this is completed, there are two steps.

First, make sure each family member is present or otherwise accounted for. Step two: Proceed to evacuation. When dealing with wildfire, there’s no time for other steps. The family must evacuate asap. Thanks to climate change, in some areas, wildfires have become a year-round concern. The reality of an unpredictable climate is such that the risk associated with wildfire is omnipresent. We don’t know when they will strike or why, but we do know that increased dryness has contributed to this heightened risk. The risk of wildfire doesn’t exist in urban areas, but it’s a risk all the time in places like California.

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