Treating Ourselves With Essential Oils

At this point, we were following her line of thinking by analysing the cell structure of various natural products such as the essential oil of the Tea Tree (or Melaleuca tree)  and trying to establish any similarities between how the cells interacted with antibodies in our system. Our hopes, much like Tim Burton’s, were that in understanding how the cells interacted with one another, we could try and establish a way to predict how they would interact with diseases and harmful bacteria. Perhaps by understanding the relation between these molecules, we could isolate the factors that made them harmful in the first place and neutralise the effects before they could do any real damage to our systems. It was pretty abstract thinking, and our lecturer informed us about this when we originally broached the topic to him as a possible thesis topic.

Basically, we found ourselves in the same situation as Harold in that our ideas were too abstract for many to conceive, and even if we did manage to prove that we were onto something, the revelation would disrupt the world of modern medicine so much that we would either become rich, or get killed. While that may sound too drastic, pharmaceutical corporations aren’t exactly the kind of institutions that play softball. The reality of the matter is that we were both in way over our heads – but that’s what motivated us. At least, to us, the point of medicine and understanding biology was to evolve or progress the way we approach modern treatments and improve our ability to heal people. Tea tree oil shampoo by maple holistics

With regards to cancer, nothing could be more controversial and this was the first thing our lecturer pointed out. Much like the electric car, natural alternatives to current cancer treatments have been a subject of great debate for sometime now and anyone working for one of these companies would be more likely to tear your suggestions to shreds long before actually evaluating the value of what a natural treatment could mean for cancer patients in future. Our research into the subject started when Terry showed me an article on a group of people who had managed to treat the thyroid cancer with natural products only. They had no experience with chemotherapy or drug-related treatments whatsoever and yet had a 100% recovery rate.

There was definitely something here worth looking into – even our professor agreed. But as I mentioned, even if you managed to create a foolproof, 100% safe and tested treatment, you’d still have to deal with the realities of the market place and the pressure not to publish your findings etc. For example, a simple recipe on a homemade DIY treatment for alopecia that worked, would be relegated to the realm of the internet – a place filled with unidentifiable ghost writers and untrustworthy sources – rather than the hallowed halls of serious academia. Tea Tree Oil Conditioner by Maple Holistics on Amazon

Here lies the problem at hand for anyone serious about this topic.  But in due time, the gradual awareness of the marketplace and consumers who have either been or have become more informed about the nature of the products they are using will hopefully result in a gradual, but nonetheless inevitable change.

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